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Feel the memories of old Beijing, the experience of Beijing temple of fun, enjoy traditional cuisine alley: Beijing roast duck, Luzhu fire, Chaogan, vegetarian meatballs, Qingfeng buns, sugar fire, Saqi Ma and so on.
Baohua Harbour View Hotel on the first floor bay cafe since March 15, launched the "gourmet capital" featuring a buffet lunch. All hotels in the public account concerns micro-channel users simply present your electronic voucher received SN code, you can enjoy 79 yuan / person discount bargain price.

You simply reply "voucher" to get SN code (each account can only grab a micro-channel SN code).
You can also reply "buy" to participate in micro-letters buy activities, enjoy the counter to pay 79 yuan / person buy price (each micro-channel account unlimited participation).

Hainan Baohua Harbour View Hotel
Time: March 15, 2014 - September 30, 2009 11: 00-13: 00
Location: No.69 Binhai Avenue Haikou City
Schedule: 68536699-6116
The following figure to sweep the official micro-channel attention immediately get vouchers!

(After concern reply "voucher" can!)
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